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West Pak Sales Team Shares Avo-Focused Goals for 2023

By December 28, 2022No Comments

As West Pak Avocado embarks on a new year, we are prepared for a new agenda of avocado-focused initiatives and projects.

We stand committed to promoting the power of the avocado and its nutritional and sustainable benefits, and we are excited to share this enthusiasm with our customers and partners. In 2023, we’re honing in on having an abundant avocado crop from multiple countries of origin, meaning we will be providing our customers with a healthy amount of avocados this coming year. West Pak remains dedicated to our avocado category by providing our customers with quality, confidence, and experience in our product. Our team has years of experience in the avocado industry and has seen firsthand the incredible impact that avocados can have. 

Here’s how our Avo Experts will be 100% Avo-Focused in 2023:

“We are getting our team prepared – arming them with the tools needed to help customers realize an uptick in sales volume, hit benchmarks, and beat the previous year’s numbers. Having an abundant crop with multiple countries of origin and a healthy amount of avocados entering the United States for 2023, this is the year to move volume at the store level!” 

Joe Nava, Vice President of Sales & Business Development

“We’re obsessed with avocados; that’s all we do. I plan to educate our retailer and distributor partners on how to sell more avocados. We will customize plans based on trends, data, and market research. The more consumers feel understood, the more they will buy!”

Jennifer Zendejas, Director of Sales & Business Development

“As we celebrate our 40th year of expertise in growing, packing, and distributing superior avocados, I am reminded of our humble beginnings as a local family-owned business. This same personable approach to customer relations has made West Pak a leader in the avocado space today. Between market intelligence and category insights, an impressive national distribution network, and custom retail marketing and merchandising support, West Pak remains 100% Avo-Focused for you.” 

George Henderson, Senior Marketing Manager

“I look forward to discovering different opportunities to promote avocados with my customers. Being able to dive into the customer’s needs and highlighting avocado opportunities year-round is going to be a fun challenge. Also, I’m looking forward to adding more travel to my schedule this year than I’ve been able to in the past couple of years. Meeting with customers in person and walking the stores or markets will go a long way to growing a stronger relationship.”

Chris Wortman, Sales & Business Development

“Being Avo-Focused in 2023 means even better customer service. Vendors are a dime a dozen, so to set us apart from the rest, I plan to nurture and cultivate relationships by providing the highest service and prompt attention. I will increase my familiarity with all accounts to anticipate and service those accounts better. I also plan to take full advantage of all training offered to increase my knowledge about avocado sales. I look forward to utilizing all the tools provided by West Pak to be an asset to 2023’s success.”

Metchell Deguzman, Sales & Business Development

“From our Avo-Audits to our state-of-the-art ripening rooms across the county, West Pak has the insight and unique ability to customize a program that meets your and your customer’s wants and needs. Whether that means stocking the produce department with the quality your shoppers expect or ripening the avocado to your just ripe specs so your chefs can use the product when they’re ready to, West Pak is 100% Avo-Focused, so you don’t have to be.”

Kyle Griffith, Sales & Business Development

“We are looking forward to 2023! We are expecting a large crop from Mexico and California, which will present significant opportunities for our customers to run continuous promotions throughout the year. There will be plenty of #1’s available across the size curve. Colombia will also be a great opportunity to diversify your avocado portfolio. Comparable to Mexican and California avocados, West Pak Avocado is investing heavily in Colombian avocados.”

Heath Shoup, Vice President of Sales & Product Management

“I am super excited for 2023 and believe it will be a HUGE year for the avocados! With large Mexican crops and building out our offshore programs we are ready to promote and increase volume with key retailers and additional segments as well. Our 100% Avo-Focused approach ensures we bring the latest in market research, insights, and trends to keep our customers at the forefront of the category and maximize all opportunities.” – Leslie Germain, Director of Sales