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Since 1982, family owned & operated company proudly growing, packing, shipping & distributing premium avocados.

From Seed to Store

The West Pak Avocado Journey

West Pak avocados are sourced from over 1000 growers owning over 65,000 acres across California, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. Current distribution includes 350+ customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

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Cultivating an avocado for your favorite recipe is a fascinating process. Commercial production starts typically after four years with annual yields of 60 to 200 avocados per tree. Avocados grow best in warm climates, with plenty of moisture and thoughtful care in family-owned groves.

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Fruit handling is an important facet of putting the best quality avocados out on the market. When avocados are packed right, it ensures consistency for our buyers. At West Pak, our state-of-the-art facilities include such technologies as pallet and bin pre-cooling, computerized sizers, and forced air ripening.

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Whether destined for domestic grocery chains, wholesale club stores, food-service or foreign markets, our shippers are climate controlled throughout their journey to be certain we offer maximum freshness at the point of delivery.

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Shoppers globally enjoy the avocado. A recent study calls youthful, married customers in need of a healthy meal or snack, a distinct group of “super heavy shoppers” (source: Hass Avocado Board). These buyers account for 73% of all avocado purchases.

Trade Affiliations

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A Message From Our CEO

“West Pak’s mission is to bring delicious, healthy, sustainable, and responsibly sourced avocados to consumers around the world. We take satisfaction in our strong market position and actively pursue numerous growth opportunities to expand West Pak’s presence in the rapidly growing global avocado market.

However, we’re more than just great avocados! We’re about growing goodness: for our people by championing their wellness and development, for our planet by conserving resources and protecting ecosystems, and for our communities by supporting thriving neighborhoods, enhancing livelihoods, and increasing community impact. We have long recognized that sustainable environmental and social practices are not only the right things to do but are also good business practices. This idea shapes our decision-making and sustainability strategies across our business.

We are West Pak Avocado — a family company deeply rooted in our core values, culture, and community!” Mario Pacheco

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Our Story

Growing a Ripe Legacy

Founded in 1982 as a grower and shipper of California avocados, West Pak is deeply rooted in strong ethics and a focus on family values. The company was started by two friends, Galen Newhouse and Randy Shoup. They began their operations from a small packing house in Fallbrook, which is still the heart of the state’s avocado growing region. From this modest operation, West Pak grew into an international grower and supplier of fresh, delicious avocados.

Today, West Pak is a major force in the avocado industry, with ripening and distribution centers strategically located throughout the domestic United States. Our extensive relationships with national and international growers in California, Mexico, Chile, and Peru– combined with our mastery of transportation logistics, ripening technology, and marketing expertise – translate into year-round availability of high-quality avocados.

At West Pak, being a family company means, among other things, respect, support, success, and commitment to excellence. As the company continues to expand, we will strive to maintain and strengthen the core values of our organization and to ensure a lasting legacy started by the Shoup and Newhouse partnership.

Culture, family, honesty, and being true to customers, growers, and employees is what's important, and that's what West Pak is all about.
— Galen Newhouse
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Our Facilities

Guaranteed Quality & Consistency Every Time

After years of analysis, research and forward-thinking investment, we’ve redesigned the way we grow, ship and sell avocados. Today, West Pak is proud to be a dominant force in the avocado industry and to offer an exceptional product. Our disciplined approach to delivering quality produce and our ability to forge strong partnerships with regional growers has earned us a solid, global reputation in the produce industry.

Our Brands

Spreading Avocado Happiness Year-Round

Our goal is to serve our customers the benefits of healthy eating habits with a diet that includes nutrient-rich avocados.

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