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Quality & Consistency Guaranteed

Facility Locations

After years of analysis, research, and progressive investment, we’ve redesigned and modernized how we grow, ship, and sell avocados. Our mastery of transportation logistics, ripening technology, and marketing expertise translate into the year-round availability of premium avocados. Our disciplined approach to delivering an exceptional product and our ability to forge strong partnerships with regional growers has earned us a solid, global reputation in the produce industry.

West Pak offers full-service distribution centers in the United States and packing facilities in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

Murrieta, CA

Located in the heart of Southern California’s growing region, this facility proudly serves as our corporate office. In addition to housing our administration and sales team, this packing house is the main gateway to U.S. distribution and includes services such as Apeel, packing, repacking, ripening, and cold storage.

Uruapan, Mexico

West Pak’s headquarters for Mexico, this busy packing facility processes fruit for local distribution and export. In addition to packing, repacking, ripening, cold storage, and distribution services, this location also processes Apeel-protected avocados.

Dallas, TX

A full-service facility that houses a local sales team and offers ripening, bagging, repacking, and cold storage services.

Swedesboro, NJ

A full-service distribution center that offers ripening, bagging, repacking, and cold storage and services the Northeast and Mid-south regions of the U.S. as well as Eastern Canada.

Edinburg, TX

A strategically-placed cold storage facility that supports regional distribution.

Chicago, IL

A regional distribution center and cold storage facility that services the Midwest U.S.

Philadelphia, PA

A regional distribution center and cold storage facility serving Eastern U.S.

Packing & Operation

Fruit handling is an important facet of putting the best product on the marketing and ensuring quality and consistence every time.

Our modern facilities include such technologies as:

  • Pallet and bin precooling
  • Computerized sizers
  • Forced air ripening

Quality Thru Technology: Inside our Distribution Centers

The headquarters of West Pak Avocado is made up of key departments that keep avocados ripe, fresh, and the best quality year -round.

Steps to Avocado Perfection

Our avocados go through our Compac 9000 CIR where they will be graded on quality and size. Once each avocado is graded, they are then transported to a predetermined location where they will be packaged into various configurations. Avocados can go to our bagging department where they will be bagged for a specific customer or they can go to our Just Ripe! Team to be ripened to perfection. At this point, the avocado is ready to be stored and prepared for delivery nationwide or internationally.

The types of technology we choose for sorting, selecting, and supplying the freshest fruit around, include:

  • Compac Inspectra System
  • Compac 9000 CIR
  • PTI Labeling System
  • UB-65 baggers & BRT baggers
  • CMSA and Oshida weigher counter
  • 1,000-pallet storage facility in Dallas, Texas, for a total of 2120 total pallet storage

It takes state-of-the-art facilities and modern equipment to handle the volume of fruit required to service customers worldwide. Our network of distribution centers, sales, and packaging facilities ensure quality and consistency every time.