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Food Safety & Quality

Safety From Seed to Store

At West Pak, our commitment to food safety and quality is unmatched – it is an integral part of our entire operation and is our overall objective.

The goal of our rigorous food safety program is to institute a proactive system to identify and control any potential product hazards throughout our value chain. Our proactive approach to food safety includes our Food Safety Plan and Supplier Verification, Food Defense, Environmental Monitoring, and Sanitation Programs. These integrated systems enable our team to identify and control potential product hazards from growing and harvesting to packing, warehousing, and distribution.

We also follow robust quality procedures and policies to adhere to all regulatory requirements for the different grades and sizes of avocados we handle. These practices ensure customer requirements, such as weights, pressures, label requirements, storage, and shipping temperatures, are consistently met.

At West Pak, we are committed to meeting regulatory and third-party standards and to supporting our growers. Our food safety and quality management systems enable our team to meet customer expectations and adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Good Practices

We strictly follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices (GHP), which are enforced and regulated through the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.


The avocado industry has maintained an excellent safety record with very few reports of foodborne illness due to collective efforts all along the entire value chain.


We can trace our products from the delivery location to the originating grower’s grove by tracking detailed information from production to packing, distribution, and delivery.