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Foodservice Focus

Helping You Serve up More Green Goodness

West Pak is Committed to Foodservice

What makes our avocados so special? Is it the seasoned growers, the hand-grown care, our modern packing and ripening facilities, network of distribution centers, or commitment to a climate-controlled avo-journey? The answer to all of the above is YES! West Pak combines all of these best components to help deliver the freshest, most delicious avocados to you.

From an independent operation to a national chain, no matter the size of your restaurant or foodservice distribution operation, West Pak has the RIPE avocados for you. We’re a full-service avocado supplier with over four decades of growing, processing, ripening, and produce delivery expertise. We’ve also mastered the art of avo-marketing with in-house resources for any educational or creative need.

Marketing Support

Year-Round Supply

24-Hour Service

Packed to Perfection