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The West Pak Advantage

Delivering Avocado Excellence Worldwide

“Our four decades of expertise, passion for the industry, and disciplined approach to delivering an exceptional product have earned us a highly respected global reputation in the produce industry that’s always here for you.

Our pursuit for avo-excellence starts in our own groves and with our partnerships with responsible growers; carries through to harvesting, packing, and distribution to our customers; and culminates with consumers who enjoy our nutritious and delicious avocados.”

Strategic Sourcing & Year-Round Supply

We’re proud to share the goodness of premium avocados across the globe and offer year-round availability thanks to our alliance with over a thousand growers owning over 65,000 acres across California. Mexico, Chile, Columbia, and Peru.

Quality Assurance & Ripening Expertise

Our modern processing facilities, expert ripening services, and strategically placed distribution centers use the latest technology to ensure quality, consistency, and on-time delivery to your exact specifications.

Customer Service & Sales Support

Our dedicated team of creative collaborators, problem solvers, market strategists, and all-around Avo Experts partner with each retail, wholesale, and foodservice customer to develop custom-tailored avocado experiences.

A Variety of Value-Added Services

At West Pak, we offer bagging, conditioning, and delivery services and provide sales and marketing support through our exclusive Avo-Opportunities program. Our team is dedicated to finding the right solution for you.

The Avocado Journey

At West Pak, we do avocados and nothing else – and we take our commitment to everyone’s favorite green fruit very seriously. We are growers to the core and know how important patience and nurturing are to the quality of every avocado that we deliver.

Environment & Sustainability Commitment

We work relentlessly to ensure our avocados are grown and distributed safely, fairly, and responsibly and vow to maintain our commitment to people, communities, and the planet.