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Driving Custom Tailored Avocado Experiences

The Smart Way to Grow Your Avocado Category

At West Pak, we offer value-add services such as bagging, conditioning, and delivery and provide sales and marketing support through our Avo-Opportunities program. Our disciplined approach to delivering an exceptional product, along with our Avo Expert’s impressive customer service, has earned us a highly respected global reputation in the produce industry that’s always here for YOU!

Our Avo-Opportunities Program

Our Avo-Opportunities program provides effective packaging, POS, marketing, sales, and educational materials to help drive more rings at the register. Outreach and social media programs help connect regional talent such as chefs, nutritionists, or influencers to create an engaging promotional campaign that appeals to your target demographic.

Seasonal Promotions

Let us help map out your avocado category needs throughout the year with branded bags designed to meet your shoppers’ desires. It all starts with an Avo Audit to determine next steps!

Certified Organics

More than just a seal on the outside of the avocado – Organic is everything that’s gone into it from planting the seed to harvesting the fruit, to deliver the green goodness to your stores.

Heart Healthy Brands

We offer personalized branded avocado packaging just for you – each with the American Heart Association’s coveted Heart-Check Mark.

JustRipe! & Fairtrade Programs

We can customize a bag program to deliver the right stage of ripeness for your needs and help you support certified ethical sourcing with Fairtrade programs.

Digital Marketing Support

Through custom digital content creation, let us help tell your brand story using video production, product photography, creative promotional graphics for web, social media, and influencer marketing services.

Bag Offerings

Marketing Solutions

Avocado Sizing

Category Management