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Company Overview

Your Trusted Leader in Avocados

What started as a simple family business in a small packing house in Southern California has become a significant force in the avocado industry over the past four decades. Our founders worked hard to build a solid reputation on a handshake and by delivering on their promise – every time.

Today, West Pak is a grower, packer, and distributor of premium avocados with strategically placed distribution centers and sourcing regions spanning from the states and Mexico to Colombia, Peru, and Chile. Our disciplined approach to delivering exceptional products and services and our continued ability to forge strong partnerships with regional growers and customers alike have earned us a solid, global reputation in the produce industry.

Growing with Purpose

To nourish people and enhance prosperity along the entire value chain we vow to cultivate and innovate our business to help meet the global demand for avocados for years to come.

The West Pak Promise

As our company continues to grow and prosper, we will maintain and strengthen the core values of our organization to ensure the lasting legacy started by our founders. We are West Pak Avocado, a family company deeply rooted in our core values, culture, and community!

Our Core Values Include

Our founders built West Pak into a successful operation on the foundation of trust, integrity, and delivering on their promises. Today, these strong values are the cornerstone of our business and how we treat others.

  • People
  • Integrity
  • Reputation
  • Dedication & Commitment
  • Growth & Strength in Avocados

Investing in Our Future

As a global leader, our goal is for sustainable growth and to expand our business while maintaining our high quality and service standards. To meet the flourishing demand for everyone’s favorite green fruit, we’ve expanded our growing and sourcing regions in North, Central, and South America. We’ve also invested in our technology and expanded our capabilities for processing, ripening, and distribution in the states and beyond.

Respect is in our Roots

With a solid foundation that respects family and culture, we’re proud of our strong market position and are devoted to pursuing growth opportunities to expand our presence in the rapidly-growing global avocado market. As the company grows, our promise to maintain and strengthen our core values will always remain true.

Our Vision

To be a clear global leader in avocados.

Our Credo

We are a family avocado company.

Our Mission

To bring delicious, healthy, sustainable, and responsibly sourced avocados to consumers around the world.