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Year-Round Avocados for Everyone

West Pak is committed to delivering nutritious, high-quality, responsibly produced avocados

West Pak is proud to ship premium avocados to a wide variety of customers throughout North and Central America, Canada, Asia, and Europe and offers packaging for retail, wholesale, and foodservice, including lugs, flats, and containers. Our avo-expertize assures that our customers receive the freshest, highest quality avocados available. We understand each customer’s unique needs and therefore customize programs to suit specific requirements and category expectations.

“Over 500 million individual avocados are sold by West Pak Avocado every year.”

Packaging Avocado Goodness

Our bagged avocados offer retailers a variety of opportunities to help drive sales in the avocado category. With grab-and-go bags and tasty options for any season, demographic, region, or use, West Pak offers a full range of conventional and organic avocados to meet your specific needs.

Avocados for All

Our West Pak bag of avocado goodness is ideal for any retail need. Increase your sales while offering both value and shopper convenience with this easy-grab bag.

So Fresh, So Green

For shoppers who prefer organic fruit, West Pak has you covered for bagged avocados – processed through our fully certified National Organic Program (NOP) facility.

Introducing The Party Pak

The Perfect Pak for Your 2023 Avocado Category!
These jumbo-sized avocados in festive seasonal packaging are a celebration simply waiting to happen. With a convenient and scannable Party Guac recipe right on the packaging, prepare to celebrate your occasion with a new party favorite.

Lil’ Cados

Just The Ripe Size The perfect portion superfruit for single-serve meals, these mini-sized avocados are brimming full of flavor. Each serving offers on-the-go goodness and a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and vital plant nutrients. The just-right no-waste size for savoring singly, Lil’ Cados are the ideal solution for your noshing needs.

California Gold

Golden State of Avocado Goodness
Harvested from the fertile, sun-soaked hills of the golden state these premium avocados offer a buttery smooth texture and a treasure trove of healthful benefits. Gently caressed by cool coastal breezes, these tasty gems are nurtured to perfection and hand-picked at their peak of maturity. With a wealth of local-grove goodness, taste the difference California makes.

Precious Cargo Handled with Care

Our dedicated team of creative collaborators, problem solvers, market strategists, and all-around Avo Experts partner with each retail, wholesale, and foodservice customer to develop custom-tailored avocado experiences.