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Three Takeaways from Southern Exposure from West Pak’s Sales Team

By April 5, 2023No Comments

The Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) show is a must-attend event for those in the produce industry, and this year’s show did not disappoint. With more attendees year after year, this event provides a great opportunity to grow and enhance businesses.

Our Avo Experts share three key takeaways that stood out as particularly noteworthy:

  1. Southern Exposure provides attendees with the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the mindset of retailers in a fun and energetic way.
  2. Attendees can learn more about the evolving trends in the industry and what retailers are focused on in terms of customer service, product selection, and marketing.
  3. The digital-era of produce marketing from social media and influencers to the rise of online ordering and home delivery apps.

What our team had to say:
“I look forward to the SEPC show every year. It’s a great event with a large retail presence where we get the opportunity to discuss the upcoming California season and offshore summer programs. Plus, the Disney themes are always fun and entertaining.” – Leslie Germain, Director of Sales

“Southern Exposure provides a glimpse into the mindset of retailers, excellent education sessions, and the opportunity to collaborate on custom programs to drive incremental sales.” – Jennifer Zendejas, Director of Sales & Business Development

“The SEPC show does not disappoint. It continues to be fruitful, informative, and very well attended. Year over year there are more attendees, and there are always a lot of opportunities to grow and enhance your business

One of my key takeaways from SEPC was about social media and how influencers are driving an uptick in sales, making a difference by collaborating with retailers. It’s great to hear that more retailers are taking advantage of social media to grow a larger audience and are introducing them to new and exciting produce items. When the shipper supports and adds to the program on the creative side, social media can make a huge difference with key retailers. Any time we see such collaboration happen it makes West Pak excited because we are true believers in using all available marketing tools to increase avocado consumption. 

The other takeaway from SEPC was how some retailers are capturing incremental growth through online ordering – seeing a rise in sales through their home delivery apps. More retailers are tapping eCommerce as a sales channel and will continue to go in this direction as we evolve in the industry and find creative ways to move more produce. 

We at West Pak have found SEPC to be a must-have show to attend on our roster. Can’t wait until next year!” – Joe Nava, Vice President of Sales and Business Development

West Pak is a true believer in using all available marketing tools to increase avocado consumption, so we at West Pak are thrilled to see this trend gaining traction. SEPC continues to be a worthwhile event for those in the produce industry. We look forward to attending next year and seeing what other new and exciting opportunities arise!