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October is Fair Trade Month at West Pak

By September 30, 2021No Comments

Every October at West Pak, we celebrate Fair Trade month as an organization. We proudly hold the Fairtrade certification – one of the most trusted, ethical labels in the world for our fair trade avocados. This last year, Fairtrade America reported that overall avocado production volume grew by 42%, alongside this so has shoppers’ desire to buy fresh produce that contained a fair trade label by 59% (The Packer, 2019). 

This month we invite our retail customers to encourage shoppers to learn the story of fair trade avocados and their impact near and far. The time is now to support and share why this approach is the most ethical and sustainable way for their purchases to positively impact farmers worldwide. 

Three Ways Retailers Can Spark the Conversation Around Fair Trade Avocados 

1) Share how fair trade empowers growers

At West Pak, our fairtrade program aims to empower avocado growers and workers, and as Fairtrade America points out, “consumers who buy Fairtrade avocados play a key part – the higher the sales, the more benefits producers will accrue.” Let your customers know that when they eat a Fairtrade avocado from West Pak, it enables farmers and workers to have more control of their lives and invest in their own futures. 

“70% of Fairtrade avocados in the US come from Mexico.” – Fairtrade America.

2) Tell shoppers how fair trade supports education and healthcare

In 2020, Fairtrade producers sold over 3 million pounds worth of avocados on Fairtrade terms, generating Fairtrade Premium earnings of $200,000 for avocado farmers. What this means is that not only do Fairtrade avocado farmers receive a Fairtrade Minimum Price that acts as a safety net against falling prices but also a Fairtrade Premium – an extra sum of money that farmers and workers invest in business or community projects of their choice. Many choose to spend the majority of their Fairtrade Premium on direct services for themselves and their families, including:

  • Education, like scholarships for children
  • Funding for subsidized shops or goods, childcare services, and contributions to cultural events 
  • Financial and credit services for themselves and their families, such as rotating funds for workers or loans 
  • Healthcare services for workers and their families, primarily medicine and equipment

3) Express how fair trade fuels sustainability

When a package or product is sustainability-marketed, it increases the premium of the brand’s price by 39.5%*, which helps to give back full circle. That being said, Fairtrade and sustainable efforts help strengthen our supply chain. At West Pak, we have developed our ongoing Sustainability program to align with the United Nations Sustainability Goals – a call to action to set the world on a path of peace, prosperity, and opportunity for all on a healthy planet. West Pak directly identifies our standards with that of Fairtrade by aligning our goals to end poverty, support clean water and sanitation, and ensure responsible consumption and production.

*Sourced from NYU’s Center for Sustainable Business via Fairtrade America’s Avocado Impact Report – 2020.  

To get in touch with an Avo Expert today, click the link to receive a complimentary audit of your category to determine if our Fair trade program that is right fit for you!