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How Retailers can Launch into Summer Success with Cinco de Mayo Avocado Sales

By April 24, 2024No Comments

Cinco de Mayo is here! This festive holiday is a big deal for Mexican-inspired dishes and avocado use, making it the second biggest consumption day of the year for this creamy fruit.

“A major opportunity to boost avocado sales, Cinco de Mayo has always been one of our most successful holidays in terms of volume,” said West Pak Avocado Vice President of Sales and Business Development Joe Nava. “It’s also a great way to kick off the summer festivities with 

lots of holidays, weekend gatherings, and overall celebrations that bring people together.” 

In a 2023 The Packer article highlighting the anticipated day, Avocados From Mexico Senior Vice President of Commercial Strategy and Execution Stephanie Bazan expressed that Cinco de Mayo is the second-biggest consumption occasion in the U.S. for avocados and guacamole, presenting a key opportunity to engage with shoppers.

A recent report from the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) revealed that spring and summer holidays like Easter, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day contribute significantly to avocado sales, with Cinco de Mayo leading the pack. During the Cinco de Mayo week in 2023, avocado sales volume grew by 37%, adding over 10 million units to the category. Retailers across all regions saw double-digit growth in avocado unit sales, with bagged and organic avocados driving retail sales up by 2 million units.

But that’s just the start – Memorial Day and Father’s Day also saw impressive increases in avocado sales in 2023, with unit sales rising by 19% and 13%, respectively, compared to the previous year. Jumbo avocados were particularly popular during these holidays, contributing millions of units to the category. Despite a slight decline in total dollar sales during Cinco de Mayo in 2023, avocado unit sales rose by 24%, reaching over 52 million units.

Cinco de Mayo marks the beginning of summer celebrations, and retailers should take advantage of this momentum to help shoppers find ways to enjoy the season with avocados.

Let the Festivities Commence!

For summer 2024, what will shoppers choose? Variety, sizing, and ripeness are key. Providing options such as conventional and organic avocados and various sizes and ripeness of fruit are must-haves, but bagged avocados are also important for convenient grab-and-go options. In fact, bagged avocados have seen a 58% increase since 2019, with shoppers purchasing various sizes to match their occasion.

A recent HAB survey of consumer sentiment on bagged avocados found some shoppers prefer small avocados for daily consumption and snacking. Conversely, when purchasing larger quantities of avocados for dishes such as guacamole, shoppers look to larger avocados to streamline the preparation process. 

“As a retailer, it’s important to meet the needs of your shoppers by carrying various sizes of bagged avocados. Lil’Cados are perfect for single-serving needs, California Gold is a premium favorite for those looking for locally-grown goodness, and the jumbo avocados in the Party Pak are best for families or entertaining,” added Nava.

“Also, work with your West Pak Retail Expert to ensure ripe-and-ready avocados for all summer holidays, or split the ripeness of your orders to suit what your shoppers want when they want it.”

Get Festive!

To capitalize on second-quarter promotions starting with Cinco de Mayo retailers are urged to take full advantage of West Pak’s Sales Team expertise to create an avocado-focused retail destination. By starting early and focusing on the days leading up to each holiday, retailers can engage customers with vibrant colors, festive decorations, and prominent displays of avocados and avocado-themed products. Retailers can also offer avocado-centric dishes and drinks, promote recipes and cooking demonstrations featuring avocados, and provide exclusive discounts and promotions on avocado products to create a fun and festive on atmosphere in their stores.

The Party Pak bag from West Pak is perfect for any celebration. The jumbo avocados inside are always in season, offering a fresh and exciting way to enjoy the goodness of avocados all year round. With festive seasonal packaging that showcases delicious recipes right on the grab-and-go bag, shoppers are reminded of the healthy benefits of choosing avocados. Look for the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark on the bag, ensuring a smart and nutritious choice for any occasion. Help shoppers bring some tasty fun to their gatherings with the crowd-pleasing Party Guac recipe conveniently located on the bag — making it easy to create a delicious dish everyone will love.

Cinco de Mayo presents a prime opportunity for retailers to boost avocado sales and engage with customers in a unique and exciting way that lasts all summer. By leveraging the popularity of avocados and implementing creative merchandising strategies, retailers can take full advantage of the momentum from the second biggest consumption day of the year for avocados. So, get ready to help your customers celebrate every holiday this summer with slices of avocados, fresh guacamole, and all things avocado!