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Four Helpful, Real-time Strategies to Ensure Big Game Success

By January 31, 2024No Comments

The Big Game is just around the corner, and we’re here to remind you that avocados are a must-have ingredient for the perfect game day snacks. Yes, we’re talking about lots and lots of guac and other avo-licious dishes to feed the cheering masses tuning in on February 11th, 2024, for America’s favorite pastime. 

Now is the time to build inventory and volume with multiple sizes of bagged avocados by working with a supplier that can deliver the goods on time and at the desired ripeness to suit your category needs.

To help retailers maximize sales and provide customers with fresh, high-quality fruit for game day snacks our Avo-Experts are here to help you stock up on ready-to-eat green goodness in the sizes and ripeness you need before kickoff. Optimize your Big Game efforts leading up to football and guacamole’s biggest day of the year. 

After all, Avocados From Mexico (AFM) estimates that 250 million pounds of avocados are consumed leading up to football’s biggest weekend, enough to cover a football field with more than 75 feet of guacamole.

4 No-Fumble Retail Tips for Game Day

West Pak is committed to staying on top of inventory to meet the heightened demand for the Big Game. Our Avo Experts are here to offer real-time shopping tips to help you optimize avocado sales and offer your customers the freshest, highest-quality avocados for their game day snacks. 

Below, our sales team shares four key strategies along with insights from the Hass Avocado Board’s recent study on bagged avocado sales drivers that you can implement. By teaming up with West Pak and following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to meet the demand for avocados and score big with your customers. 

Tip 1: Building Guac’n Good Inventory and Volume

At West Pak, the weeks leading up to the Big Game are at full capacity within our facilities. Our goal? To ensure retailers have ample opportunity to build up their avocado inventory and volume leading up to the Big Game. By forecasting the increased demand for game day snacks, meals, and more, retailers can strategically order larger quantities of avocados in advance. This strategy will help ensure you have enough stock to meet customer demand and minimize the risk of running out of avocados during this busy period. West Pak’s sales team can provide expert guidance in inventory management and help retailers make informed decisions about volume levels.

Tip 2: Ensure Rings at the Register with Ripe-and-Ready Options

To make sure that avocados are perfectly ripe and ready for tailgate parties and couch-based cheering sections alike, retailers should implement efficient ripening processes, which our team can customize for you. That way, your customers get the highest quality avocados at their peak ripeness and ready for game day snacking. Providing just-ripe avocados enhances the overall shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction. Touchdown!

“At West Pak, collaboration is key to taking full advantage of the industry and what avocados have to offer. Our goal is to guide and steer you in the right direction for a successful Big Game and beyond.”Joe Nava, Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Tip 3: Ensure Creative Retail Plays: Bagging, Ripening & More

Incorporating bagged avocados into your marketing strategy can be a smart retail move. According to a recent study by the Hass Avocado Board (HAB) titled Rethinking Retail: Bagged Avocado Sales Drivers, bagged avocados are growing in popularity among consumers. According to the study, bagged avocados drove 100% of the growth in the avocado category since 2019. The study also found that when purchasing larger quantities of avocado for dishes such as guacamole, shoppers prefer large avocados to streamline the preparation process. 

HAB Tip: Support the “grab and go” shopping experience by relocating bags to the front of the produce department near the bulk display. 

Bagged avocados offer convenience and reduce the need for customers to hand-select individual avocados. Retailers can take advantage of this trend by providing bagged avocados as an option in their stores. West Pak’s sales team can provide guidance on incorporating bagged avocados into the inventory and ripening processes, ensuring that retailers can meet the demand for this popular packaging option.

Tip 4:  Be the MVP of the Big Game: Maximize Your Retail Partnerships

Lastly, retailers can benefit from a custom-tailored experience with West Pak. By partnering with our trusted team, we help your team gain access to helpful game day plays and bring in creative and unique marketing promotional opportunities like Avocados From Mexico’s football display bins or custom jumbo avocado bags like our Party Pak.

West Pak’s sales team can guide you on what works, from industry trends to optimal ordering strategies and best practices for consumer marketing ideas like creative recipes or social media posts. 

Follow these real-time avocado shopping tips and leverage West Pak’s expertise and advanced ripening technology to ensure a successful avocado season. By staying ahead of the trends and leveraging data-driven insights, you can optimize your avocado sales by capitalizing on the increased demand during the Big Game.

With West Pak’s support, stay informed about the end goal: making timely, real-time decisions leading up to the Big Game to offer customers a satisfying and enjoyable shopping experience.