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Bagged Avocado Program Officially Launches at PMA

By October 11, 2018No Comments

West Pak Avocado has retail marketing in the bag. Retail bags that is! The global supplier of premium avocados is now offering a branded bag program that provides solutions to empower retailers while optimizing the excitement of avocados geographically, seasonally, demographically, and by use.

At PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo in Orlando, Florida, on October 18, 2018, West Pak will officially launch new brands LiL’Cados and Viva Avocados. An on-the-go, single serving, small avocado brand, LiL’Cados address user convenience and minimize food waste. Viva Avocados are a broad-reaching, party-themed, and year-round offering that celebrates the heritage and rich culture of this favorite green fruit.

Also making a debut are organic versions of LiL’Cados and West Pak’s flagship brand I Love Avocados. Available early in 2019, California Gold will follow when the region’s season officially kicks off. This premium brand, which is available in conventional and organic options, appeals to an avo-enthusiast demographic who appreciates seasonal, locally-grown produce.

“I love our new packaging and the bagged avocado options,” said Susie Rea of West Pak’s Sales and Business Development team. “It’s something very different on the retail shelves. Up until now, it’s been a lot of loose bulk avocados that the retailer puts out or a generic green mesh bag. Having recipes and quick health tips on the back of our packaging, even the Heart-Check designation, is what people really want to see, especially when the branding appeals to them.”

She continued, “Our branded bags are also less pressure on the retailers, as they kind of sell themselves. Anytime we can provide a product that has marketing information on it, that’s just less work for them. In fact, the more that we have to bring to the table, the better. When all we do is supply raw products, then the retailers have to come up with a lot more to push the product out.”

“Avocados are such a growing category for retailers that it’s no longer just their Cinco de Mayo or Super Bowl ad push. They are promoting avocados all year round now. That’s something very new for them – in a good way. Our many branded bag offerings help fill their needs, and their shelves, all year long,” Rea exclaimed.

West Pak Avocado Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Meyer added, “We’ve got all sorts of innovation up our sleeves, which we’re excited to share. We’d like to extend an invitation for everybody to stop by at PMA to say hello, meet our team, check out our new retail bags, have a conversation about organics, and even discover our Avo-Opportunities marketing program just for retailers.”

West Pak Avocado is exhibiting in booth #3653 at PMA Fresh Summit. For more information about bagged avocados, to meet the team or to request an appointment, please click here.