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Avo-Success at Fresh Summit

By November 6, 2018No Comments

Just returning from PMA Fresh Summit, the sales and marketing team at West Pak Avocado is thrilled by the response to their new retail offerings. At the October 18-20th Orlando, Florida tradeshow, the global grower, packer, shipper, and distributor of premium avocados officially launched their bagged avocado program and debuted the company’s Avo-Opportunities retail marketing program; with both being met with much retailer interest.

“In support of our many retailers, West Pak’s bagged avocado program provides retail-ready brands that help elevate consumer enthusiasm for avocados,” said Senior Vice President or Sales and Marketing Doug Meyer. “Each of our brands features healthy eating tips and easy recipes on the label with packaging that proudly showcases the American Heart Association’s coveted Heart-Check certification. Our bagged avocado program is designed to give our retailers options that appeal to specific markets and help bolster their avocados sales year-round.”

Meyer continued, “We’re very proud of our offerings and are elated to report that our bagged avocado program has been met with much enthusiasm. First with our organic versions debuted at Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, California in July and now with both organic and conventional offerings at PMA Fresh Summit in Orlando.”

Avo-Opportunities Retail Program

West Pak also officially launched their Avo-Opportunities retail program at PMA Fresh Summit. When asked about the program, West Pak Avocado Marketing Manager George Henderson said, “Our in-house creative team, or avo-agency as we affectionally call it, is at-the-ready with fresh sales and marketing ideas to help our retailers succeed. With our Avo-Opportunities retail program, we offer personalized packaging, marketing, sales, educational, and retail materials as well as customized digital marketing, video, and social media content and strategy. Retailers can take advantage of our vast knowledge of this favorite green fruit with avo facts, trends, and figures through our dedicated education support program. Our creative team can even serve up easy recipes and serving suggestions for our retailer’s avo-hungry customers. It all comes down to providing our retail clients with the best possible sales and marketing tools so that they can reach their ultimate sales potential. And speaking on behalf of our entire team, we’re thrilled to be a part of that success!”

For more information about West Pak Avocado’s Avo-Opportunities retail program, please visit

About the Bagged Avocado Program
West Pak’s bagged avocado brands are providing solutions that empower retailers and optimize the excitement of avocados geographically, seasonally, demographically, and by use. Touted as “Just the Ripe Size” – LiL’Cados is an on-the-go, single serving, small avocado brand that addresses user convenience and minimizes food waste. Viva Avocados are a broad-reaching, party-themed, and year-round offering that celebrates the heritage and rich culture of this favorite green fruit. A Millennial-minded aficionado offering, I Love Avocados is a brand that highlights the excitement of “Nature’s Original Superfruit” through user-generated and chef-developed recipes and other lifestyle, avocado-centric content. Announced at PMA but available in spring 2019, California Gold is a premium brand that appeals to an avo-enthusiast demographic who appreciates seasonal, locally-grown produce. As demand for avocados increases, West Pak will continue to find new and unique ways to help market and sell this wholesome green fruit, including new brands of bagged avocados. For more information about West Pak’s bagged avocado program, please visit