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40 Years Forward at West Pak Avocado

By November 3, 2023No Comments

Nurturing Excellence, Cultivating the Future

As West Pak Avocado reflects on its achievements with great pride, the company looks forward to a bright future. The global supplier of premium avocados celebrated 40 years of avocado excellence this past year and now embraces the next four decades with optimism and gratitude.

West Pak Avocado’s “40 Years Forward” campaign is a comprehensive initiative aimed at pioneering the future of avocado production. The campaign includes a video and digital marketing series that celebrates the company’s 40-year legacy as a trailblazer in the avocado sector while also highlighting its commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly practices, cutting-edge technology, and meeting global demand with its premium avocados.

“In the next 40 years, we look to increase our market share by reaching new territories and delivering our premium avocados to more parts of the world,” said 

West Pak Avocado CEO Mario Pacheco. “We will continue to expand existing operations and cultivate new sourcing regions, doing so with sustainability and ethical business and labor practices in mind.”

The CEO believes that a narrow focus leads to excellence. As such, West Pak Avocado remains “100 percent avo-focused,” channeling its expertise into a staple produce category. 

“We are proud to be recognized by the top grocery retailers in the U.S. as a strategic partner with a resilient year-round supply of high-quality avocados. It is that earned trust, along with our exceptional customer service, value-adds, and logistics, that has propelled our growth,” added Pacheco. 

The company has implemented several tactical growth plans to continue driving the sector’s advancement. In addition to facility expansions and productivity enhancements, West Pak Avocado is continually growing its network of distribution centers in the US. Its most recent facility, which opened in New Jersey, features state-of-the-art information and technology systems, LED lighting, energy-efficient refrigeration, and rollover and redundancy on all core components. The new distribution center is also part of an automated energy management system that the company is rolling out nationwide. These initiatives dovetail with the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts to help keep its carbon footprint at a minimum.

Pacheco also emphasizes the importance of social responsibility and ethical business practices in the company’s operations.

“At West Pak Avocado, we believe to our core in doing the right thing. With an unwavering respect for people and nature throughout our 40-year history, we are proud to build upon our legacy of responsibility. We strive to be a trusted partner to our people, our customers and growers, and the communities in which we operate. We see ourselves as responsible stewards of the land and natural resources upon which we depend,” he continued.

“I am excited about what is ahead for our company. As a global leader, West Pak will continue to provide healthy avocados that nourish people while protecting the environment and enhancing prosperity along the value chain.”

The 40 Years Forward campaign officially kicked off at the International Fresh Produce Association’s 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show on October 19–21, 2023.