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Spring Forward With Lil’ ‘Cados

By April 15, 2019October 21st, 2022No Comments

Susie Rea of West Pak Sales and Business Development is excited to announce the launch of the mini-sized avocado brand,  Lil’ ‘Cados – the perfect portion superfruit for single-serve meals. These mini avocados are brimming full of flavor – with each serving offering on-the-go goodness and a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and vital plant nutrients.

The just right no-waste size for savoring singly, Susie tells us how and why the Lil’ ‘Cados brand is the ideal solution for all noshing needs.


Why has West Pak chosen to step into the smaller fruit category?

Susie: We started noticing a trend a few years ago with the small fruit. We have always carried the small avocados but we hadn’t branded it and put it in the pack. We’ve seen that category grow at least 40% in the past two and a half years.


What motivates customers to purchase smaller avocados from West Pak?

Susie: People are incorporating them into their diets, so they have become a staple item.


How does West Pak support it’s retailers & foodservice professionals with sales & marketing tactics around smaller fruit?

Susie: What we like to do is offer a variety. Most retailers will have large fruit, medium-sized fruit, and now we’re offering the smaller fruit brand. That way they’re really able to target every kind of customer. We really want to provide them with all different sizing.  And, we also have organic and conventional versions.


Why is the smaller avocado ideal for any consumer?

Susie: With our bags, we always provide some nice healthy tips and some recipes on the back. And, people are really starting to become a little more creative with avocados.


Susie, how do you personally enjoy Lil’ ‘Cados?

Susie: For myself, I really love the little avocado idea. I have a very small household and Lil’ ‘Cados makes it very easy to just grab and go. That way we’re not throwing any away. We have very little waste!


If you like any more information about Lil’ ‘Cados, please feel free to reach out to your Avo Expert at West Pak or click here.