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Setting Our Sights on 2020

By November 14, 2019October 21st, 2022No Comments

As we wind down 2019, we look to the year ahead with great optimism. And, as the team at West Pak gears up for a new California season, the anticipation and excitement are building. Here’s what our avocado family foresees for 2020:


Ralph Gonzalez – Northern California Field Manager

My assumption is that the volume for 2020 is going to come in north of 350 million pounds, hopefully, better. Early season pricing for California should be attractive enough to allow for pruning and other cultural work. The market will likely get more robust as we head into summer. Growers that can hold fruit until May through August should be able to maximize their fruit size and get the tonnage with a decent return.



Andrew Gabryszak – Southern Field Manager

Overall, 2020 has the potential to be a very good year (albeit busy), but that will not be possible without great teamwork and communication on all fronts. Logistics coordination will be an important factor, and communication between Sales/Supply Chain/Exports will be paramount. Prices may not be as exorbitant as 2019, but with the increased fruit on the trees and well-planned harvesting, it may be as profitable.



Nick Lahr – Field Buyer & GAP Coordinator

California is a niche of the avocado industry that provides the best quality fruit to retailers and consumers. I see 2020 as an optimistic look forward with a chance for recovery and growth for growers. Through strategic planning, controlled picking, and open communication between growers and reps, this coming season is a challenge that we are ready to conquer.


Mike Harberson – Northern Field Manager

Growers that got hit hard with the heat in 2018 are going to rebound nicely in 2020, as they’ve set a nice crop. We’re going to have a lot more California fruit to sell, and we’ll likely see an extended season. I’m seeing some good size out there already and think there’s also going to be some great opportunities for our export business that starts up in January.



Juan Esparza – Transportation Manager

There is a lot of fruit on the trees right now, so, barring any weather issues, we are anticipating a good crop for next season. That means that our drivers and transportation team, and West Pak as a whole, will be very busy, and that’s okay because everybody is happy for the opportunity to work. Busy is good!



Maria De La Torre-Sabir – Grower Accounting

Volume-wise 2020 is looking to be a big year, with a lot of supply and, hopefully, a lot of demand to go along with it. As a department, we are poised and ready for it. Between our veterans and new talent in the field, we should have things covered to make it a smooth harvesting season. My hope is that it gives growers more incentive to keep growing when they have a good year.



Margie Cervantes – Field Coordinator

We are going to have a busy season, no doubt. Of course, our numbers are going to be high, and we’ll be very busy, which will affect everyone in a positive way. If it’s a good year, it’s going to translate into more profits for the company, which is good for everybody across the board. Our team is geared up and ready. I’m looking forward to it and want to take it head-on. I say, bring it!