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Striving for Organically Grown Avo-Goodness

By June 10, 2019October 21st, 2022No Comments

At West Pak, we strive to create an experience for our growers, customers, and consumers through our packaging, which is why we’re are proud to introduce our new line of organic products. In this video, Jared Bray of Sales & Business Development shares his knowledge in the organic space, how West Pak’s National Organic Program (NOP) packing house operates along with our company’s steadfast desire to provide consumers with a naturally grown product handled with extra love and care.

According to Jared, less than 10 percent of all avocados grown in all producing regions are grown organically, as it takes a little extra handling and a little extra care to bring those avocados to market. At West Pak, we pack organic avocados in our certified NOP packing house, which is certified to all standards that are required nationally for U.S. organic production. Beyond the certification, you can rest assured that these avocados were grown with stewardship to the land and with the environment in mind.

Our organic avocados enjoy the full seed to store experience. Organic is more than just a seal on the outside of the avocado – it’s everything that’s gone into that avocado from planting that seed in the ground to the very first start of that tree, watching it through its productive years, and finally harvesting it, packaging it, and getting it out to a retail store.

West Pak has launched three new organic brands including Lil’Cados Organic, I Love Avocados Organic and California Gold Organic. Plus, for big fruit, the loose volume fill is available in the West Pak Avocado box. Click here to find out more about West Pak Avocado’s organic bags and products.