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Inside West Pak

When Dedication, Determination & Quality Control Pay Off

By February 24, 2022October 21st, 2022No Comments

Meet Rosangely Gonzalez – Quality Control Supervisor at West Pak Avocado. Through hard work, dedication, and an eye for detail, she worked her way through the ranks from inspector to lead and then most recently to quality control supervisor. Even more impressive, Rosangely achieved the promotion in just a few years. 

“I’m from Puerto Rico, and West Pak is my first job in California. The company has been a world of opportunities for me in which I have progressed professionally,” she mentioned. 

As Quality Control Supervisor, Rosangely oversees staff and product development procedures and ensures effective process control on the floor. Her primary objective is to certify that West Pak’s product consistently meets the quality and regulatory standards for all customers.

Each day Rosangely specifies production activities to be completed and provides clear parameters for her team to follow. She keeps workers motivated and inspires employees to create high-quality goods that help increase customer satisfaction. 

In the height of California season, you can find her on the production floor up to six days a week, where Rosangely is constantly on the move from department to department. On a daily basis, she and her team work to ensure that product quality is maintained or improved while limiting any room for error. They identify quality issues and recommend solutions, striving for continuous improvement with other departments.

When asked about the best and the most challenging aspects of her role at West Pak, Rosangely replied: “Quality Control protects our customers from defective product (poor quality, underweight, etc.). It’s done while maintaining West Pak’s reputation of the highest quality and service levels by complying with our protocols.” 

“The most challenging task that I have faced as a Quality Control Supervisor was to standardize quality control processes in other departments and to work on finding solutions to critical problems,” she added.

To incorporate West Pak principles and values into the job, Rosangely finds that a strong foundation of core company values is crucial to building the right culture and the right team. 

“West Pak has done a good job of prioritizing our culture. It has taught us that we are a family, and I try to teach these values to my team every day,“ she added.

In her spare time, you can find Rosangely on her running bike or enjoying her favorite avocado dish known as Puerto Rican Gazpacho. It’s a family favorite with Bacalao (salted dried codfish), avocados, onions, tomatoes, olive oil, and a dash of pepper.