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Inside West Pak

Cultivating the Ultimate Company Culture at West Pak

By January 12, 2022No Comments

West Pak Avocado’s Human Resources team is excited to open the conversation about our company culture. Follow along to discover their passion and plan for cultivating the ultimate culture at West Pak Avocado.

Why is company culture important to any business?   

HR: Culture is THE MOST important because people are important. Companies need to provide a space where our employees feel a part of something that matters. We excel in that area and will continue to drive forward.      

What makes a good company/workplace culture?  

HR: Growth, community, and a good vision for the future. We want employees to know who we are, where we are going, what they add to the company, and what this company can do for them.    

How does West Pak’s company/workplace culture stack up?   

HR: We have by far the best people in the business and that says everything about our culture.    

We make “cheeseburger bets” and are slightly competitive – you should see this office during Halloween. We are customer-obsessed, and our teams want to solve the most complicated problem for our customers.  

What is the foundation of West Pak’s culture?   

HR: Our respect for our roots and the universal understanding that without those strong roots, we couldn’t grow.  

How is West Pak working to cultivate its company/workplace culture?   

HR: We will be inclusive; our employees will have a voice when defining our culture. We will work from the top down to ensure everyone has a say in defining our culture, and when we’re not living it, our employees need to speak up. We’ll get a little gritty about what we don’t want and have hard conversations to ensure drive to be the best.   

What do you hope to achieve with the new corporate newsletter?    

HR: Connectivity. Staying connected is important to ensure our culture is consistent at each location and our employees recognize opportunities and growth. We want to celebrate our milestones, recognize the extraordinary people who have been here since inception and the talent we’re growing within our company. We want every person to know they contribute to the success of the organization.  

What are your long-term goals for West Pak in terms of culture?  

HR: Our culture is our competitive advantage. We will laser focus on our sense of community, coaching, and growth. We will introduce new methods to grow your employee experiences, development, and career here at West Pak. 

How can employees get involved? 

HR: Find ways to give feedback. Participate in focus groups, round table discussions, and even surveys. We want to hear from you. Don’t shy away from hard conversations or bringing forth new ideas. Your leadership wants to hear from you. We want to hear from you.