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Celebrating Avocados Year-Round

By May 2, 2019October 21st, 2022No Comments

West Pak gives both consumers and the produce industry the opportunity to enjoy avocados all year long. And, there is no better time to celebrate the excitement of avocados’ year-round availability than during one of the year’s most enjoyable holidays, Cinco de Mayo.

In an exclusive interview with Scott Ross, West Pak’s Director of Sales – East, this avo-expert shares how the “Avocado Family” ensures the availability of delicious Hass avocados annually for customers including the launch of a new bagged brand, Viva Avocados. This new branded bag offers broad-reaching versatility to West Pak customers and their produce section. Through the use of colorful packaging and energetic branding, Viva Avocados evokes visions of vibrant, fun, and festive life celebrations while serving up fun facts and easy recipes using this heart-healthy green fruit.

“Viva Avocados is the result of our love of the avocado and its place in celebrations and gatherings and healthy, good eating. It also offers the retailers the opportunity to do something fun and different and to add a SKU to the shelf that will draw the customer’s attention,” mentions Scott.

He continues, “We offer a variety of point of sale materials, some of those are customized to highlight our various new bagged brands. These displays bring attention to the packing, are perfect for promotions, and ideal for heavy usage periods (like Cinco de Mayo). It also allows us space on the packaging to provide nutritional information, recipes, and usage ideas. We also have the American Heart Association’s heart-check (designation), which is important because it highlights the healthy aspect of consuming avocados.”

With Viva, avocado lovers are invited to top their burgers, add depth to soups and salads or make it a main course, as avocados provide tasty reasons for all to celebrate. And let’s not forget about guacamole, everyone’s favorite dip! What would Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, and summer get-togethers be without it?

Alongside Viva and other branded bag options, West Pak supports Hass avocados year-round through relationships with customers, strong partnerships with the industry’s commissions, and the company’s dedication to its facilities across the U.S. and Mexico.

You might just say West Pak hass one big goal – to turn fun and friends into a festive celebration with the goodness of year-round avocados.

For more information about Viva Avocados, click here or ask your dedicated West Pak sales team member about branded bags and year-round avocado offerings.