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How Avocados Offer Avo-Opportunities in Foodservice

By July 22, 2019October 21st, 2022No Comments

Avocados are steadily solidifying their presence in the foodservice industry. In a recent interview, Josh Estebane explains West Pak’s desire to support and provide avocados for the foodservice sector.

What is your position with West Pak?

Josh: I do sales and business development for West Pak Avocado working with foodservice customers.

Tell us about your Avo-Opportunities.

Josh: Some of the Avo-Opportunities that we offer on the foodservice side include the year-round availability of our fruit. We do that by working with different growing regions. We have California avocados, Mexican fruit, plus growers in Peru, Chile, and other parts of the world.

We are also willing to pair you (foodservice customers) up with our avocado commissions to help create unique eating experiences at your restaurant.

What about food safety for consumers?

Josh: Here at West Pak, we are always willing to work directly with distributors and restaurants to make sure that they are using the best handling practices.

How does West Pak ensure the best possible pricing for foodservice?

Josh: We are able to help restaurants capitalize on avocados by only buying what they need. This keeps their cost low so they do not have to pass that on to their customers.

Tell us about the avocado journey for foodservice.

Josh: The avocado journey at West Pak starts by working directly with the best growers in California and Mexico. We bring that fruit into our packing houses and then, from our special packs, we go through the conditioning rooms to make sure (our avocados) are ready to eat. We’ll even deliver from our distribution centers within a few days directly to your restaurants or your distributor.


If you are in foodservice and want to connect with Josh or any member of our sales and business development team, click here or call (800) 266-4414.