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5 Ways to Stand Out in the Produce Aisle in Summer

By June 10, 2019October 21st, 2022No Comments

June is Fruits & Veggies month and with it comes the opportunity for retailers to show off the summer bounty of healthy eating. Here are five ways to stand out with seasonal favorites in the produce aisle.

Display Variety
Summer brings a colorful fruit-heavy harvest of everything from apricots to watermelon. Take advantage of the abundance and showcase bushels, barrels, and bins overflowing with healthy goodness. Add colorful, summer-inspired props and signage to support the offerings and instill fun-in-the-sun visions of beach days and barbeques. In addition to giving customers ideas for both full meals and summer snacking, provide quick access to ingredients so they can shop, savor, and save with ease.

Tout the Benefits
While showcasing seasonal offerings to your customers, provide quick bites of nutritional information on simple signage to fuel their appetite for healthy eating. Flaunt the nutrient power of favorite summer produce and boast openly about the taste. Remember that they are shopping for ideas as well as ingredients, so make it a tantalizing experience that supports their need for wholesome food that tastes great.

On-the-Go Goodness
Summer is all about living carefree, and consumers want simple solutions to suit this lifestyle. Make shopping easy for them with simple grab-and-go displays and single serving suggestions for snacking and more.

Push the Green
There is nothing better than a crisp green salad on a hot summer day. And, with lettuce and other leafy greens at their peak, summer is a good time for serving up salad-centered cross promotions galore. Consider a leafy display that pairs lettuce (bagged or otherwise) with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and wholesome dressing options to top it all off. Consider signage that displays finished dishes that either list the ingredients or provides easy access to the recipe on your website.

Easy Recipes
Within your displays, and likely on your website and throughout social media, provide ample recipes that include seasonal produce. Think fruit salad, peach cobbler, and stuffed zucchini or roasted peppers, to name a few – plus easy instructions for shucking corn and barbequing to perfection. If you show them how consumers are more likely to buy and give it a try!