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 West Pak Avocado, a California-based grower, packer, and distributor of premium avocados, just released its latest Avo Effect campaign video, Avocados - A Ripe Responsibility. The fifth episode for the company's ongoing 2020 series, this video covers the ethical responsibility of the avocado beyond its societal success within...

To ensure that all operations remain up to date with current technology and to address any precautionary measures in light of COVID-19, West Pak Avocado has made recent strides to expand the capabilities of its various facilities. "Continuous improvement through innovation and integrated systems are core...

What started as a deep concern for allergens turned into a passion for food safety, when a personal connection prompted Georgina Jaramillo Robles to look into the field as a career path. As a young girl growing up in Mexico, Georgina recalls that her mother...