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Great Eating Quality

The ideal mix of temperature, sunlight, rich soil, and ample rainfall gives the Colombian-grown avocado its creamy, rich flavor. With thick pebbled skin and soft and velvety texture when fully ripened, these Hass avocados provide a nutritious element to any meal. In addition to their excellent eating quality, avocados from Colombia are the perfect option for starter category plans or to bridge gaps in your year-round avocado program.

Access to Markets

Perched at the top of South America, Colombia’s prime location provides unique access to shipping ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This proximity means easy access to major global markets and well-established logistics solutions. With ample fruit availability and accessibility to global markets, Colombia is a highly attractive sourcing option for your retail needs.

Colombia Details


Thick, pebbly skin that darkens when ripe. Soft and velvety texture with a mildly nutty taste.

Growing Region

Elevations above the Cauca River.


Late spring through summer and again in the fall through early winter.