Celebrating Women’s Equality Day 2021 at West Pak Avocado

We are proudly sharing thoughts from our female employees within our organization.

Annually recognized on August 26th, Women’s Equality Day commemorates the passage of women’s suffrage in the U.S. and reminds us of the hurdles overcome by the heroic women who faced violence and discrimination to propel the women’s movement forward.

Being an equal opportunity employer our entire organization at West Pak is proud to focus on female representation within our company. We have interviewed eight dedicated leading women within various departments and locations across the country who have made an impact in their role at West Pak. We are proud to share their thoughts on what working at West Pak means to them and the importance of equality in the workplace. 

Elizabeth Zuniga, Purchasing Manager, Murrieta“As the Purchasing Manager at West Pak Avocado, I oversee all areas of purchasing, including vendor relations, importing/exporting of material, and material inventory throughout all of our facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. I take pride in working alongside very strong and driven women with thorough knowledge of the business. I look forward to the future here at West Pak Avocado.”

Elizabeth Zuniga, Purchasing Manager – Murrieta

Cori Cephas, Quality Assurance & Food Safety Supervisor – New Jersey“West Pak Avocado means to me: commitment. Commitment to each other to be a family. Commitment to the customers for quality produce. I think that equality is important because it means that my thoughts are valued, my contribution is important, and that I matter.”

-Cori Cephas, Quality Assurance & Food Safety Supervisor – New Jersey


Alison Yates“I am inspired by the history of West Pak. Seeing what the owners have built within 40 years is impressive. It is a company I am proud to work for. The company culture embraces diversity and inclusion. I am honored to work for a company that empowers women in all departments. It is inspiring to work with so many strong and confident women. They are great role models for all. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with such a great organization.”

-Alison Yates, Senior Accountant – Murrieta

Erika Santana“West Pak Avocado is a company where you can grow professionally, no matter where you are from or how you look. As a woman, I have had the same opportunities to grow not only in my work but also as a person. West Pak is a workplace where equality is a priority.” 

-Erika Santana, Tower Supervisor Murrieta


“West Pak has an outstanding reputation for promoting and safeguarding women’s rights and equality. We, as women, provide an important balance to the workplace. I believe societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier. In turn, West Pak means “opportunity” to me.”

-Dawn Gutierrez, Customer Service Representative Dallas


-Margie Cervantes, Grower Accounting Administrator – Murrieta“I’m grateful for the opportunity West Pak has given me in my current position as Grower Accounting, where I have the pleasure of working closely with our California avocado growers and harvesters. West Pak promotes a culture where employees know they are appreciated based on their talent and performance and get to know team members on a personal level regardless of their gender. This increases appreciation for differences and promotes a welcoming work environment.”

-Margie Cervantes, Grower Accounting Administrator – Murrieta

-Brittany Perez, Shipping Coordinator Lead – Dallas“West Pak means family and teamwork. I’m grateful for the growth that I have experienced within this company, and I encourage individuals around me to pursue their goals as well. Equality is important in every aspect and is imperative to creating a comfortable work environment. West Pak doesn’t fail to ensure that every single person is seen for their work ethic and not their gender/race/age.”

-Brittany Perez, Shipping Coordinator Lead Dallas

“Working for West Pak means working together as a family. We may have our ups and downs, but at the end of the day, we get things done together.  I take great pride working in an industry where it is dominated by men.” 

-Nayvi Rodriguez, Site Supervisor Chicago