What We Do

The Avocado Family

In case you hadn’t noticed, at West Pak Avocado, we’re a bit avo-obsessed. And like so many families, we simply can’t get enough of this tasty green fruit. That’s why we’re so very proud to grow, pack, ship, and distribute premium avocados, and share their goodness across the globe.

At West Pak, being a family owned and operated company means, among other things, respect, integrity, support, and commitment to excellence. Our dedication starts with how we respect the land and the people who work it and carries over into the way in which we conduct all business. This same thoughtful care goes into how we handle our precious cargo. Our avocados are harvested at the peak of maturity, carefully processed, packed to perfection, and delivered fresh for enjoyment worldwide.

Our Mission

Respect in Our Roots

With a solid foundation that respects family and culture, we’re proud of our strong market position and are devoted to pursuing growth opportunities to expand our presence in the rapidly-growing global avocado market. As the company grows and our avocado family continues to expand, our promise to maintain and strengthen our core values will always remain true.

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Our History

A Ripe Legacy

What started in 1982 as a simple family-owned business packing and distributing avocados out of a modest facility in Fallbrook, California has been cultivated into a highly respected world leader in the produce industry. Through strong relationships with local growers, West Pak founders Galen Newhouse and Randy Shoup purchased fruit from California farmers and supplied top quality product to regional customers. They built a solid reputation on a handshake and by delivering on their promise – every time.

Over the years, as West Pak’s relationships and reputation grew, operations increased with larger facilities and extended distribution. Our company has since grown to five distribution facilities totaling 226,042-square-feet across the United States and Mexico. Today, West Pak avocados are sourced from over 1000 growers owning over 65,000 acres across California, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. Current distribution includes 350+ customers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

West Pak's Inaugural Sustainability Report
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