Northern Driving Duo - West Pak Avocado

West Pak’s Northern Driving Duo

According to West Pak Avocado Drivers Eduardo Rivera and Javier Espinosa, their primary responsibility is a relatively simple but very important one, none the less. They are responsible for the safe pickup of fruit from ranches in the company’s northern region and delivering the precious cargo to the West Pak facility. They also communicate with the picking crews to coordinate the daily haul and ensure proper documentation for the grower. On the grower accounting side, Eduardo and Javier do their part to make sure the growers receive their pack-out reports and any other information they require in order to be paid promptly.

When finished for the day, this driving duo performs truck inspections before leaving the yard to ensure that all of the equipment is working properly for the next day. They also contact their local field managers for any new pickup instructions or delivery of empty bins to the field.

Eduardo and Javier both find that the toughest part of their job is not knowing if they will have work or not due to rainy conditions. The amount of available work from January through March is not as consistent as the rest of the season. But one of the upsides of what they do is the flexibility that their schedule provides, especially during the offseason. Couple this with a good working relationship with supportive field managers, and it’s a win across the board!

Confessing that they would rather work in agriculture as opposed to city hauling or long hauling, Eduardo and Javier really do enjoy working with the ranches. They take pride in their work and find it very rewarding, but also relish their time with family. Sunday is their day to rest, attend Mass with family and go shopping; then it’s carne asada in the afternoon. Ahhh, the good life!