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West Pak Avocado Increases Apeel Treatment Capacity with Installation in Second Facility

By April 13, 2022No Comments

West Pak Avocado, a global supplier of premium avocados, is pleased to announce the expansion of its Apeel treatment capabilities with a new installation at the company’s facility in Michoacán, Mexico. The first installation took place at West Pak’s Murrieta, California facility in 2021. The addition of the Michoacán installation in early 2022 will significantly increase the company’s capacity to supply Apeel-protected avocados. Both West Pak facilities now provide at-source treatment options to deliver a year-round supply of Apeel-protected avocados to retailers in North America, Asia, and Europe.

“We have made the strategic investment to expand our Apeel treatment capacity in our Michoacán packinghouse because it fits perfectly with our objective to provide best-in-class service to our customers,” mentions West Pak Avocado CEO Mario Pacheco. “We look forward to providing our retail partners with longer shelf-life with Apeel-treated fruit from our Mexican operations.”

West Pak Avocado Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Meyer reveals: “I am thrilled that we have the capability to offer Apeel-protected avocados to customers in all markets that we serve. Apeel protection gives retailers the opportunity to merchandise further-ripened avocados on their bulk displays and increases the size of their bag displays with more time for sell-through. Ripened avocados in bags are also a possibility. Consumers are given more time to enjoy their avocados at home. All in all, Apeel protection translates to more time and more opportunities for the entire food chain.”

“We are excited to expand our operations with West Pak,” adds Apeel Senior Vice President of Product Erich Klawuhn, citing that Apeel offers a sustainable way to fight food spoilage. “With Apeel’s protection, West Pak’s retailers can offer longer-lasting produce that makes it easier to purchase more while preventing waste.”

About Apeel

Apeel is on a mission to create a more sustainable global food system by working with nature to use the power of materials and data sciences. Apeel’s plant-based protection allows for longer-lasting produce by using materials already found in the skins, peels, and seeds of all fruits and vegetables. This protective extra “peel” slows the water loss and oxidation that causes produce to spoil, and it’s the only proven solution for maintaining freshness from farm to kitchen. Apeel’s plant-based protection is available for an ever-growing number of categories and markets, including organic and conventionally grown produce. Additionally, Apeel is integrating new tools that will allow the food system to do more with the extra time created by Apeel’s plant-based protection. Farmers can sell more of what they grow, retailers can sell more of what they source, and people can enjoy more of what they buy, creating a healthier planet and greater abundance for all. Apeel is Food Gone Good.

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