Growing a Legacy of Responsibility

Introducing West Pak’s First Sustainability Report

“At West Pak Avocado, we believe to our core in doing the right thing—not just sometimes, but always. We strive to be the best partner we can be to our people, our customers and growers, and the communities in which we operate, as well as to our planet. We demonstrate our relentless commitment to environmental and social accountability every day, one delicious avocado at a time.”

– Mario Pacheco, Chief Executive Officer, West Pak Avocado

2019 Sustainability Report

This is West Pak Avocado’s inaugural sustainability report to communicate our commitments, efforts, and performance to our stakeholders. While the reporting period is the 2019 calendar year, the report includes past efforts and data for context. Results for 2019 will serve as our baseline for goal-setting and assessing future performance.

The report covers our United States and Mexico operations, which consist of our headquarters, regional offices, packing houses, and ripening and distribution centers. Any metric-level limitations or exclusions are noted with the reported data.