10 Things Growers Should Know – Summer Field Report

As summer breezes by, West Pak’s field team outlines the top 10 things California growers should know for August and September.

Pesky Issues

  • At this point, all fruit has sized enough to avoid the danger of scarring from avocado thrips.
  • Those pesky perseae mites should be monitored closely to avoid defoliation. Although less common, brown mites can rear their ugly heads this time the year as well. 

The solution to all of the above? Ask your pest control specialist.

Assess & Fertilize Wise

  • Assess your crop loads and summer flush to determine whether your trees have gone into an alternate bearing cycle.
  • Mid-September be ready for any needed girdling to help keep the nutrient in the branch, which allows it to be more fruitful. 
  • Follow your most recent leaf/soil analysis & start planning your fall fertilizer programs.  Hint: Most groves are currently running some type of nitrogen.
  • With a heavy crop, put some thought into applying more fertilizer to match the trees’ heavy losses due to the increased volume.
  • Consider a Phos acid treatment, which acts as a fertilizer and stimulant that can help trees offset the effects of root rot.

Water & More Water

  • Watch the 10-day weather forecast and keep ahead of any hot spells above and beyond normal irrigation. Remember that watering during a heat spell is too late!
  • Flush any accumulated grove soil salts as needed using leaching irrigations.
  • Regularly check your irrigation lines to look for breaks or leaks and to assure they’re running clear. 

Have questions about your crop or heed help with a grower-specific issue? Reach out to your field representative. We’re always here for you.