West Pak’s Roadmap for Retailers Right Now

According to Joe Nava West Pak Avocado’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development – the company’s role in today’s unpredictable market is about providing choices for retailers and adding value and convenience for shoppers. The avocado grower, packer, and distributor takes its obligation as a market leader seriously by working hard to not only ensure enough fruit to feed the masses but to offer it in ways that help drive sales for customers. For retailers, that’s where West Pak’s bagged avocado program comes into play.


Avocados “In The Bag”

According to the Hass Avocado Board, overall avocado sales are up 7.5 percent over last year, despite the unexpected drop in sales to foodservice. However, they are reporting a rise in bagged avocado sales overall. During four weeks ending in August 2019, bagged avocados were the PLU with the highest sales earning in the U.S. at $90.6 million. 

A recent article in Bloomberg News, Avocados Are In, Pork Bellies Out in Era of Pandemic Eating, covered how the pandemic has changed the way the world eats. In fact, in the same article, they shared: “avocado toast and guacamole are proving to be stay-at-home favorites.” Simultaneously, Produce News recently reported that bags of potatoes, carrots, and avocados are all doing very well. Needless to say, avocados are a top choice for consumers and a must for retailers during this rapidly changing time.


4 Key Ways Bagged Avocados Can Add Rings at the Register 

Below, Nava explains West Pak’s bagged avocado strategy that retailers can use for meeting the needs of their shoppers.

1. Create a “grab-n-go” avocado shopping experience. 

“These days, people want to minimize their time shopping. They want in and out. West Pak bags provide a grab-and-go experience that also drives value for the everyday shopper. Retailers can capitalize on the demand for convenience by merchandising bagged avocados in various areas of the store. Position them out in front of a kiosk, or as shoppers walk by the registers, or even as an aisle end cap — just giving that grab-and-go convenience that consumers want.

“We like to get creative with bags, offering a variety of bag options to retailers and choices for the shopper. That’s what makes us stand out from everybody else. We have the Viva Avocados, Avo Monsters, Dos Amigos, and the three fan favorites lil’cados, California Gold, and I Love Avocados brands, plus our classic West Pak bags. Essentially a bagged avocado for every retailer’s need, occasion, and price-point.”

2. Determine if Imperfect fruit makes for practical purchasing.

“West Pak is thinking about everyone during these challenging times and wants to make sure we address all customer needs from all ranges. For price-sensitive shoppers, we bring the Dos Amigos bag to the table. We know that some people are affected financially, so we thought this bag choice would be a great way to keep a healthy piece of fruit on the plate. 

“Introducing the Dos Amigos bag provides another outlet to move number two fruit, and it’s discounted because of the blemishes, but has nothing wrong with the inside. With Dos Amigos, you get the dollar value and the lower cost-benefit, but there is also the element of minimizing waste. By making good use of number two fruit, we are selling the whole tree; we are giving the best return and the best outlook for growers.  

“We’re trying to bend that mindset where number two fruit does not belong in retail, but at times like this, and with minimum waste, we can set the right direction. Overall it provides a better experience from top to the bottom, and we feel confident that number twos offer an excellent eating-quality avocado. Still, at times when the economic situation is unstable, it brings value to the price-sensitive shopper.”

3. Stay “virtually” appealing to engage with your audience.

“To bring shoppers into an inviting atmosphere, each retailer should have an avocado destination—a known place in the store to find and showcase your fruit. Strive to bring the shopping experience to the shopper on your website and through social media. Make it a point to show off your displays, share recipes and quick tips, entice them to want to come in and shop by creating an appealing destination.  

“Visually, show how beneficial a bag can be for a family of three or a family of five by featuring different sizes and types of bags. Perhaps show a parent holding their baby on their hip with other kids in tow where they just want to grab that big bag of avocados and go. Spin what’s available for larger families with larger bags, or highlight the Viva bag or the popular I Love Avocados bag with recipes behind it, like guacamole recipes, avocado toast, and more. Think of the sizes of families, your various demographics for your area, and what assortment of bags would be most beneficial to them.”

4. Keep family, not trends top of mind. 

“We understand that school is out nationwide; therefore, families are going through more food. People are on a budget but are buying a lot more food, feeding more people all day, every day. They are not getting that lunch or breakfast from school anymore. In many cases, they count on those meals for their kids. 

“Another value that West Pak brings to the table: we give that parent who has a house full of kids the ability to get in and get out, the most convenient way possible. To provide grab-and-go convenience with bags while offering the value of multiple pieces of fruit at the same time.

“No matter what the economy is, an avocado should be on every family’s plate every day. West Pak wants to support that by offering multiple options to the retailers so that shoppers can get the most value out of a bag of avocados.”


How This Translates to You

“At times like this, West Pak understands that everyone’s business is changing. We are not only very fluid; we are very flexible and creative. We offer a variety of branded or customized bags that can go into any different configuration our customers would like. Because we are capable of bagging fruit at our facilities, West Pak offers added value.

“West Pak will continue to evolve to be supportive of our customers and do everything we can to increase our business and increase their business. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to providing value to the everyday shopper,” adds Nava in closing.

Wondering What West Pak has in Store for You? 

Not sure which bagged avocado offering is right for your needs? One of our sales representatives would be glad to help you decide and map out a strategy for success. 

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