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Spreading Avocado Happiness Year-Round

Our goal is to serve our customers the benefits of healthy eating habits with a diet that includes nutrient-rich avocados.

Natural Avocados, Hand Grown with Love

I love Avocados™ inspires health-minded people to live a life of wellness by offering new and exciting ways of enjoying nature’s original superfruit, the avocado. With its recent Heart-Check certification from the American Heart Association, the brand offers healthy dishes and easy recipes that provide delicious and nutrient-rich benefits of this superfood. In addition to being naturally sodium, cholesterol and trans-fat free, avocados provide nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other beneficial plant compounds that can enhance the nutrient quality of any diet.


At I love Avocados, we are building a community of avocado lovers, spreading green goodness year ’round! Daily, we share delicious avocado-inspired content on our social channels while partnering with some of the food industry’s most renowned influencers online for tasty & delicious content creations that audiences love to see! Feel the avocado love on Instagram & share your avocado plates using the hashtag #ILoveAvos. Want to partner with our avocado team? Contact us, here.

Golden State of Avocado Goodness

Harvested from the fertile, sun-soaked hills of the golden state, these premium avocados offer a buttery smooth texture and a treasure trove of healthful benefits. Gently caressed by cool coastal breezes, these tasty gems are nurtured to perfection and hand-picked at their peak of maturity. With a wealth of local-grove goodness, taste the difference California makes.

Just The Ripe Size

The perfect portion superfruit for single-serve meals, these mini-sized avocados are brimming full of flavor. Each serving offers on-the-go goodness and a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and vital plant nutrients. The just right no-waste size for savoring singly, Lil’ Cados are the ideal solution for your noshing needs.

Festive Fun Inside

A party in every meal – avocados turn fun and friends into a festive celebration. Top your favorite burger, add depth to soups and salads or make it a main course, avocados provide tasty reasons to celebrate. And let’s not forget about guacamole, everyone’s favorite dip! Enjoy good food and good times with the creamy green goodness of Viva Avocados.