The Lil’ Cado That Could

A full-steam-ahead look at how West Pak’s bag of small avocados is evolving as a little leader in the great big avocado category.

All Aboard the Small Avocado Frenzy

They’ve been called baby, mini, and even tiny, and at roughly half to two-thirds the size of an average Hass avocado, these miniature-sized versions are just as “avo good.” They offer similar dietary and health benefits, which, along with the great taste, keeps consumers coming back for more.

At West Pak, we’ve seen the small fruit category grow a minimum of 40 percent in recent years. But what is even more intriguing is how consumers have begun to incorporate smaller fruit into their diets and daily eating habits. In a recent article, Bon Appetit stated, “One baby avocado is the perfect size for a hearty slice of avo toast.”

Well + Good reported, “It’s the exact amount you need for your avocado toast, with nothing left over to turn brown in the fridge—not to mention the easiest way to get your healthy fat fix on the go, as the single-serve option can fit right in your purse.”

Next Stop: Lil’ Cados — Just the Ripe Size

Good things come in small packages, precisely the case with our bagged avocado brand Lil’ Cados. These pint-sized avocados are sweet and creamy, and a perfect option for green fruit dishes. The ideal portion of superfruit for single-use meals each serving offers on-the-go convenience and a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and vital plant nutrients.

Lil’ Cados also address user convenience and minimize food waste while driving consumption for smaller purposes. Consumers relish the idea that they don’t have to sacrifice the other half of a larger avocado for single use.

The Lil’ Cados brand was developed in 2017 to meet consumer demand and the retailer’s needs. The Snack points out, “It offers a value-added option for retailers while catering to the needs of consumers to help reduce food waste with a perfect-sized avocado.”

What’s best is that the brand is offered as either conventional or 100 percent organic – so you can please the avocado shopper who seeks a perfectly-portioned treat.

When asked what sparked the creativity and vibrance of the branded small fruit bag, West Pak Marketing Manager George Henderson stated, “We went for a nature-centric approach with our packaging and overall promotions, as it appeals to the brand’s core demographic. Active singles and health-conscious couples love the smaller size and the on-the-goodness aspect while families, especially those with small children, appeal to the grab-and-go aspect of a bagged brand.”

Henderson added, “The green-is-good themed packaging crosses over whether the shopper is looking for conventional or organic options, and the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check certification mark adds yet another layer of value and visual appeal.”

Homeward Bound with Hello Fresh

We want to provide all shoppers with the opportunity to have avocados at home and within their reach daily. During the early stages of COVID-19 this past year, companies and individuals alike were rethinking the way they live their everyday lives.

HelloFresh, the nation’s number one meal kit delivery service, saw an uptick in sales during the pandemic, which is also when the company began offering Lil’ Cados as a shopper add-on.

“When we launched the product (Lil’ Cados), it coincided with everyone moving into a work-from-home scenario during the lockdown. It concurred with new shopping patterns, as consumers were looking to buy in bulk and stock up,” said HelloFresh Director of Produce Ethan Stewart.

“We’re featuring Lil’ Cados right now as one of our ‘Extras’ offerings. When the customer goes through the checkout process and selects the meals they want for the week, they are prompted to add quick breakfast recipes, lunches, proteins, or snacks to augment their meal experience.” 

According to Stewart, Lil’ Cados offer an opportunity to upsell and increase HelloFresh’s average order value (AOV) while providing consumers with a delicious and fresh meal enhancement. 

“Lil’ Cados fit the need well from both a quality and shipping standpoint, and our customers are really enjoying this offering.” 

Interested in having Lil’ Cados arrive at your location?

Let us virtually meet with you to review your category with a custom Avo-Audit! 

“At West Pak, we work very hard to fulfill our customer’s needs so that they are feeding what their customers want,” mentioned West Pak Avocado Vice President of Sales & Business Development Joe Nava. “Avo-Audits are the first step to getting there!”

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Want more information? View Lil’ Cados datasheet here.