Integrating Organic Into Your Avocado Category at West Pak


The seed to store journey of organic avocados

At West Pak, we believe in being your trusted partner for your every avocado need. In preparation for the upcoming Organic Produce Show September 15-16th, 2021, Jared Bray, our organic specialist from Sales & Business Development, shares our seed-to-store journey on how we grow, source, and distribute organic avocados. With a growing number of shoppers turning to organics for health and sustainability benefits, our goal is to show you the simple reasons for choosing organic avocados as part of your retail offerings.

Adding organics to your avocado category is simple

The demand for organic produce is growing annually. The industry has seen organic avocados increase by 24% in the last year alone on volume! We see the demand rising as customers prefer their natural, environmentally-friendly benefits. To support this, we have supply lined up and have expanded and enhanced our organic certified facilities.

Trusted avocado growers

When starting with organic avocados, you must look at the boots on the ground. We are proud to say that we have the best organic growers that are dedicated to staying on top of what they are doing and how they are doing it. That way, we know we’re putting the most sustainably sourced organic product out there.

Certified organic facilities

The organic avocado journey doesn’t stop in the field. Once they arrive at a West Pak facility, our teams work hard to ensure our avocados are processed and delivered safely, fairly, and responsibly.

Look for the easy-to-spot “Yellow” packaging 

The organic packaging by West Pak is one to be delighted by. When you see the signature yellow West Pak box or bag, you will rest assured knowing organically grown fruit is inside. Why yellow? It’s a sunny shade that signifies life, energy, goodness, and growth.

An organic in-store experience starts with West Pak

We specifically offer bulk and bagged organic avocados for retail, including branded options such as California Gold and Lil’ Cados. You can also choose Fair Trade avocados, which address critical issues like equal pay for farmers, gender equality, and climate change. Fair Trade is a great way to ensure social responsibility throughout your supply chain.

Looking ahead to a bright, sustainable future

Upon partnering with our organics program, you will look ahead towards a sustainable, eco-friendly future with West Pak. Our teams are finding ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic and are making a genuine effort to help lessen packaging materials in the produce marketplace. This includes replacing these materials with more organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly options for our lugs, flats, containers, and retail bags.

Choose a more sustainable future with organic avocados.  For the sake of our communities and ecosystems, together, we can cultivate sustainable harmony for long-term category growth.