Humanizing Avocado Love

Our most recent Avo Effect campaign video Humanizing Avocado Love answers the question: How has the avocado become part of our daily lives? The third episode for our ongoing 2020 series, this video covers the digital, social, and artistic influence that America’s favorite green fruit has in our daily lives.

“What we’ve done is look at the avocado not just as a commodity but as a thing that can actually change society,” said Visual Content Agency Co-founder and Director of Strategy Amy Hadrys. She, along with her Creative Director business partner, Vincent Apodaca, and their team, produced the Avo Effect video campaign for West Pak Avocado.

In the Humanizing Avocado Love video series, exclusive interviews from industry professionals unveil how the avocado has generated not only excitement but also social media engagement and influence more than anyone could have ever imagined. “I love people’s passion for avocados,” mentioned West Pak Avocado’s Susie Rea of Sales and Business Development. “Who would have ever thought that there would be clothing, and earrings, and Halloween costumes (etc.) with avocados? I would have never imagined that.”

It’s no surprise that people love avocados so much that they are willing to revolve how they eat, work, and thrive around them. One example is Ela Mella – a Los Angeles based artist who is known for her whimsical avocado artwork, having painted numerous murals and street art throughout the city of avocados, as she calls it. Mella believes this green fruit passion stems from her story of cancer survival and a lifelong desire for a healthier lifestyle. “This (avocado) movement kind of crept in and took over people’s lives and became more than this fruit that everybody loves… More than just avocado toast. It became this symbol of a mass movement towards taking care of yourself, towards wellness, towards health,” she said.

West Pak Avocado Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Meyer also chimed in. “What we’ve come to recognize is that the avocado has created a culture of success, happiness, and opportunity for each of our dedicated employees, customers, and industry affiliates who we work so closely with. This domino effect is what we at West Pak Avocado call, the Avo Effect.”

The Avo Effect is a broad-reaching video campaign that sheds light on the global phenomenon the avocado has sparked within the produce industry. The videos are designed to cover West Pak’s avocado footprint along with the significant reach the avocado holds on the company’s core industries. Topics showcase the Avo Effect on trade, retail, foodservice, commissions, California avocado season, organics, sustainability, and social media influence. Each of the videos in the series offers real-life testimonies of how the avocado has had a positive effect on others.

All episodes will be available at and under the hashtag #avoeffect plus on our Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (Instagram Feed, IGTV Channel, Stories), and Twitter, plus West Pak’s blog.

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