Celebrating National Avocado Day at West Pak

We may be a bit biased, but avocados are everything! They have become quite a staple in the American diet, finding their way into nearly every meal and snack. And the demand for avocados has increased steadily over the past two decades, with consumption in the United States averaging over eight pounds per person each year since 2018. 

As we head into National Avocado Day, it’s easy for everyone to discover that avocados are popular for a good reason. This tasty and oh-so-good-for-you green fruit delivers 20 vitamins and minerals and other phytonutrients, all with relatively few calories. Not to mention, it’s as popular on social media as it is in real-life, garnering over 1,500,000 posts with the hashtag #avocado and avocado toast being called a food trend that is here to stay

As a world leader in avocados, the West Pak family has been deeply influenced by the fruit. It’s not only a commodity and the foundation of our business, but, for many, it’s in our blood!

Recently, this question was posed to the West Pak team: What does the avocado mean to you and/or how has it made a difference in your life? Watch our video compilation on avo-positivity or browse below to see what members of our team had to say: 

“Growing up around (avocados), you’re naturally going to be influenced by (them). However, once the industry started to grow, and I could see all of the efforts the associations were putting forward to help people realize how good avocados are for them, it really opened my eyes and hit home for me. It showed me that the product that I had grown up around, I had grown to love.”      

Heath Shoup – Sales Manager


Other West Pak team members shared their love for avocados with their favorite dish:

“I grew up in Mexico, where we put avocados on everything and in every dish. They are in my salads, my tacos and my ceviche, even the cakes that you can make — the fruit is very versatile, so it literally goes with everything. I can’t imagine a meal without them!” 

Georgina Jaramillo Robles – Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager



“My go-to morning snack is my own version of avocado toast where I mash up half an avocado and two hard-boiled eggs and then spread that on toast. I add some salt and pepper to season and a little hot sauce over the top.”

Chris Wortman – Sales and Business Development



“I prefer to eat my avocados plain. I have always loved them in my salads and sandwiches, or I would add salt or hot sauce with avocados on some slices, but when I first started with West Pak, I wanted to learn flavor profiles of various avocados. Since then, I have developed a taste for it, and now I don’t want anything else on my avocado. I just want to enjoy the flavors and textures, and kind of gauge where it’s at in the season.”

Nick Lahr – Field Buyer


The avocado has undoubtedly paved the way for both healthy eating and guilt-free indulgences. So, what better way for everyone to celebrate National Avocado Day than to indulge a bit?


Enjoy an avocado or discover a new recipe and share it on social media using #NationalAvocadoDay to post.

Enjoy the day with a healthy avocado snack or meal

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, avocados are cholesterol and sodium free and are fiber-rich with more than 50 percent of the fruit’s fat content being monounsaturated. Avocados fit into healthy eating patterns and can help people achieve and maintain healthy body weight, support nutrient adequacy, and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Although there’s an impressive list of reasons people SHOULD eat avocados, it’s likely the creamy texture and slightly buttery taste that has made them so very popular. And they more than just top burgers or grace salads. They’ve become quick raw or grilled snacks, yummy desserts, the foundation for various dishes, and have replaced spreads like butter on toast and fatty sauces on almost everything. 

In the meantime, enjoy some of the green goodness for free! 

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To see more about the impact of avocados and other conversations on the effect of avocados, visit avoeffect.com.