California Avocado Season Is Here!

It’s official – the 2021 California avocado season is underway. At around 280 million pounds, this year’s crop volume is approximately 10 percent lower than last year. Still, with depth in California sourcing from West Pak groves and those of partner growers, the company will have a plentiful supply throughout the season.

West Pak’s packing, ripening, and distribution center in Murrieta, California, has undergone another expansion during the off-season and is geared up to deliver on its promise of best-in-class service level and category management. 

Crop Estimate

California avocado peak season will take place during a 15-week period starting in late April through August, with available volume before and after this peak period. According to the California Avocado Commission (CAC), the official revised estimate for 2021 California Avocado Crop is 280 million pounds of Hass avocados (292 total) and an 8% reduction from the initial estimate of 305 million pounds. The change in the forecast was brought on by fall and winter events.

2021 Updated Crop Estimate 

Hass: 280 MM

Lamb: 9 MM

Gem: 2 MM

Other: 1 MM


Total: 292 MM

CAC Promotion & West Pak’s Avo-Opportunities 

The California Avocado Commission is preparing for an excellent season paired with marketing support. To ramp up this year’s harvest the commission plans to continue the advertising campaign “the best avocados have California in them,” targeting avocado shoppers in California and the west. Starting in March, the media support will include audio and out-of-home advertising as well as digital programming such as digital “television” via Hulu and YouTube.  

West Pak has a few promotional opportunities in store as well. Look forward to California Season’s Greetings, a completely customizable and integrated campaign featuring store POS and secondary merchandising options, display contests, social media engagement, and consumer prizes. 

If you’re looking to plan a California fruit promotion, West Pak has the Avo-Opportunites for you. Contact West Pak’s team at or reach out directly to plan a California fruit promotion JustRipe for you.