Avocado Blitz Showcases Gridiron MVP

We’ve scored another touchdown with our new video,  Avocado Blitz! The second release for our Avo Effect campaign, Avocado Blitz explores the effect the avocado has on retail and foodservice, specifically during football season and guacamole’s biggest day of the year.

Avocado Blitz highlights the avo-journey from grove to game day with interviews by industry experts on how the produce industry’s star player drives sales. During one of the sessions, West Pak’s Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Doug Meyer pointed out how the industry has seen avocados grow in consumption during the big game for years. He mentioned that today there is a dramatic increase leading up to gameday, where that consumption skyrockets.

“For the big game, the consumption on that day is the equivalent of every American eating one avocado,” said Meyer. When asked about what is fueling the feeding frenzy, he cited creative promotions and the company’s continued partnership with valued customers and marketing associations. “Today, it’s about large and very creative displays. When you walk into any major retailer for the big game avocado promotions, you’re going to see stadium-style promotional displays and cross-merchandising with several other items, not only in fresh produce but around the center of the store items like chips and beverages.”

And those fun and much-anticipated commercials featuring Avocados from Mexico? Meyer adds, “I think it’s really become kind of a staple during the advertising blitz around the big game, and it’s the consumers that are driving it.”

The Avo Effect is a broad-reaching video campaign that sheds light on the global phenomenon the avocado has sparked within the produce industry. The videos are designed to cover West Pak’s avocado footprint along with the significant reach the avocado holds on the company’s core industries. Topics showcase the Avo Effect on trade, retail, foodservice, commissions, California avocado season, organics, sustainability, and social media influence. Each of the videos in the series offers real-life testimonies of how the avocado has had a positive effect on others.

All episodes will be available at avoeffect.com and under the hashtag #avoeffect plus on our Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (Instagram Feed, IGTV Channel, Stories), and Twitter.