Zooming in on Avo-Opportunities Sales Solutions at West Pak Avocado

Zooming in on Avo-Opportunities Sales Solutions

With the understanding that virtually connecting through video conference rooms is the “new normal,” West Pak Avocado’s Avo Experts pay homage to this reality in the sales team’s video titled Zooming in on Avo-Opportunities: Sales Solutions at West Pak.

West Pak Avocado Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Meyer kicks off the video with an idea for one of the sales team members to propose their successful “Avo-Opportunities” program to a simulated customer. Released in time to announce PMA’s virtual Fresh Summit October 13-15, 2020, the video capitalizes on humor and a little “extra” personality for a fun, delightful spoof on video calls.

“Our sales team had a lot of fun with this project and wanted to bring a little levity to the table as we head into PMA Fresh Summit. In light of a rather challenging year for people in general, and this being the first time Fresh Summit has gone virtual, we thought the playfulness would help demonstrate how confident we are that this year’s event will be a success,” explained Meyer.

Throughout 2020, West Pak Avocado has turned to digital marketing and virtual networking to support its customers online – which is why this PMA Fresh Summit is another “avo-opportunity” to capitalize on the momentum.

Over the years, West Pak’s sales team has solidified a tailored approach for customers through their Avo-Opportunities program. Avo-Opportunities supports customers from retail to foodservice with unique, creative ways to enhance their shoppers’ and consumers’ avocado experience from informative resources and educational support, personalized packaging, and social media content to effective point of sale materials.

A vital phase in the Avo-Opportunities program is the “Avo-Audit,” in which a member of the sales team takes a customer through a regional category review to help define the best avocado possibilities in different experiences and environments for their shoppers. Future Avo-Opportunities related content, including videos, will be released throughout 2021, covering the ways West Pak is showing resilience along with their valued customers throughout the pandemic and beyond.

“West Pak is here for our customers and always will be, through thick and thin, and on or off the virtual screen,” added Meyer.

To learn about West Pak’s Avo-Opportunities program, schedule a meeting in time for PMA Fresh Summit, or check out helpful resources, please visit sales.westpakavocado.com.