Avo effect

The Avo Effect Comes to Life at PMA Fresh Summit

Just what is “The Avo Effect” phenomenon, and how has excitement for the avocado changed over the years at PMA Fresh Summit?

Things are all abuzz at Murrieta-based West Pak Avocado. The California grower, packer, and distributor of premium avocados has harnessed the excitement of the latest major industry event within a new video aptly named Avo Affinity at PMA Fresh Summit.

The first video for West Pak Avocado’s 2020 campaign called the Avo EffectAvo Affinity at PMA Fresh Summit covers the avocado’s effect on the largest produce convention in the United States. Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit, which took place on October 18-19 in Anaheim, California, provided the ideal setting to demonstrate how this favorite green fruit amplifies excitement within the produce industry. Interviews for Avo Affinity at PMA Fresh Summit include representatives from California Avocado Commission, Avocados from Mexico, The FruitGuys, and Fairtrade America, among others.

The Avo Effect is a broad-reaching video campaign that sheds light on the global phenomenon the avocado has sparked within the produce industry. The videos are designed to cover West Pak’s avocado footprint along with the significant reach the avocado holds on the company’s core industries. Topics showcase the Avo Effect on trade, retail, foodservice, commissions, California avocado season, organics, sustainability, and social media influence. Each of the videos in the series offers real-life testimonies of how the avocado has had a positive effect on others.

“Everybody loves avocados,” proudly quips West Pak Marketing Manager George Henderson. “In fact, avocado consumption has been increasing steadily year over year and has blossomed into a global sensation. In the industry, this super fruit is a force of nature that cultivates opportunity for our many retail and foodservice customers, and industry affiliates alike.

Avo Affinity at PMA Fresh Summit debuted November 18, 2019, while other installments to the Avo Effect campaign are planned for throughout 2020. All releases can be found at avoeffect.com and under the hashtag #avoeffect. Look out for each video as they launch on West Pak’s Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (Instagram Feed, IGTV Channel, Stories), and Twitter, plus West Pak’s blog.