4 Retail Packaging Trends for the New Year

West Pak’s Marketing Manager George Henderson shares four 2020 retail packaging trends to look for this year! From eco-friendly efforts to customization for brands, our organization’s goals align with industry efforts to offer a long-lasting experience for customers in retail. Take a look below:

Sustainability: Sustainable, eco-friendly packaging is one part of a larger initiative West Pak is currently evolving, starting with packaging. The goal is to ensure environmental accountability, energy efficiency, food safety & social fairness in the products we sell. Industries across the nation and around the globe are investing their time & resources into finding ways to reduce, reuse & recycle plastic in its entirety. Although a trend, the goal of sustainability as of now, is to put forth a genuine effort to reduce unnecessary materials in the produce marketplace. In turn, we will work to replace these materials with more organic & environmentally friendly options.



Fairtrade Mark: More than a stamp, the Fairtrade Mark solidifies a commitment to meeting ethical and fair standards. Created to address important issues like equal pay for farmers, gender equality, and climate change, this seal can be found on packaging like West Pak’s across the globe.



Branding & Shopping Behavior: In 2020, brands will look to be more innovative, personable, and experiential to consumers. Better analyzing shoppers’ behaviors to meet their needs more strategically is one tactic. At West Pak, we have a handful of custom, seasonal brands that our retailers can choose to tailor to the needs of their shoppers. Our sales & marketing team also has the capability of enhancing a brand through our Avo-Opportunities program that includes everything from enhanced brand storytelling, dreaming up new and innovative packaging ideas & more that these initiatives fit seamlessly on your website, social media while shopping in-store.


Digital Trends: This year, you will not be able to avoid the fast-paced mobile presence of digital and app-based food purchases. Whether it’s providing an experience like a pop-up in-store, convenience shopping through InstaCart, or virtually immersing yourself in a product before even trying it on social media. At West Pak, we look at ways to help our retailers & foodservice customers enhance their customer journey and will continue to do so in 2020.

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