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There are more than 500 different varieties of avocados grown around the world today. West Pak offers seven of the most popular varieties to our customers. Availability varies by season, climate and other cultural factors. Which avocado is right for your needs? One of our Sales Representatives would be glad to help you decide and map out a strategy for success.



Grown predominantly in California, Mexico and Chile, Hass is the most popular type of avocado thanks to its year-round availability. The skin of Hass has a pebbly texture and darkens considerably as it ripens, progressing from a dark green to a purple-black color.


Lamb HassLamb Hass

Sometimes called “Summer Hass” because of its peak maturity occurring in late spring and early summer, the Lamb Hass is an oval-shaped avocado with a thick, pebbly-textured skin that darkens slightly as it ripens, similar to hass. Lamb hass offers the same rich, buttery flavor as the Hass, and is frequently available in large sizes.



The Zutano avocado is a large fruit with a pear-like shape, available from late autumn through early winter. Its bright green skin remains the same color throughout ripening.



The Bacon is a mid-winter, oval-shaped, medium-sized avocado available from late autumn into early spring. The Bacon’s skin is smooth and remains green throughout ripening.



The Fuerte is a pear-shaped, medium to large avocado, available from late autumn into spring. The Fuerte’s skin is smooth and remains green throughout ripening.



The Pinkerton avocado is a large variety with an elongated neck, yet has a comparatively smaller seed than most other varieties. The Pinkerton is available in early winter to mid-spring.



The Reed avocado is a summer variety, making it popular with the food service industry. The fruit is round in shape, and its slightly textured green skin remains green throughout the ripening process.